Rolling Out A Custom Built Brand

Greetings from Loveland, CO! If you have worked with us before, I hope you truly feel like a part of our team. We want you to be involved in every step of the restoration process, so the final product rolls out exactly as you envisioned it. This is why we believe so strongly in establishing close relationships with our clients.

This is also why we want to keep you informed as we rebuild the Custom Auto shop brand, starting with a new name, new logo and new website that will go live in March. 

Before this all becomes public, I would like to give you a preview of our new identity. In a few weeks, Custom Auto / Real Hot Rods will change its name to THE FORGE.  

We hope you like the new name and agree it reflects our team’s ability to restore world-class automobiles that embody a different era and express a genuine devotion to craftsmanship. For us, THE FORGE evokes America’s golden age, a time when our nation mastered high quality manufacturing thanks to the skill and dedication of designers, engineers and tradesmen who believed in building things to last. This is what we aspire to, and THE FORGE speaks to the amount of labor and painstaking attention to detail required to do our job the right way, the way it should be done.  

We also hope you will like the shop’s new website. It will include incredible photographs of many of our clients’ restoration projects and several new features, including our blog, ‘Field Notes,’ which will give you an inside look at what’s going on in the shop, along with insights and observations from our team of experts. 

We know these past few months have been a bit confusing.  Our first attempt at rebranding led us to rename the shop ‘Real Hot Rods.’ But it quickly became clear that this name didn’t express the breadth of what we do, nor did it fully capture the matchless quality and one-of-a-kind experience our clients count on us to deliver. We’re glad that we took the time to get it right, and we are proud to move ahead permanently as THE FORGE.

Of course, none of these updates means we are changing the heart and soul of who we are. We will continue to be the best at what we do, restoring everything from period correct hot rods to exotics. Our guiding principle remains integrity—from our relationships with you to the impeccable authenticity of our restorations.

Thanks for your support during this transition. We are making improvements throughout the shop and are glad to have a new brand to reflect our dedication to the highest levels of quality in all aspects of our business.  

As always, we appreciate your friendship and continued support, and we look forward to seeing you around the shop!

Mike Detwiler